Thursday, September 27, 2007

How to earn money ?

Don't work hard; work smart.
Prerak Parikh
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There is nothing like listening to heart; use brain everywhere.
Prerak Parikh
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There are things which seem incredible to most men who have not studied Mathematics.
Prerak Parikh


How to earn money ? This is one of the most frequently asked questions since ages. People nowadays want to earn money by any means; by hook or by crook..but how..? this is a head scratching question. There are millions and trillions of websites on internet that gives u useless tips on the same, but don't worry you have come to the right place. I'll teach you one effective method to earn bucks.

Let say, u got a cricket series ( 6 matches ) ahead next month..

First match : India v/s Australia

All u got to do is to prepare 800 letters that predicts outcome of the first match.

Write INDIA WILL WIN TOMORROW in 400 letters and AUSTRALIA WILL WIN TOMORROW in the rest 400.

Post these letters to random addresses in your city before the match day..yeah..mind u that u post the letters to rich people around..
Now..let say..if INDIA WINS, ur next step should be but obvious..concentrate on the clients whom u have sent letters bearing INDIA WILL WIN TOMORROW.

Second match : Pakistan v/s South Africa

Out of these 400 fools, post PAKISTAN WILL WIN TOMORROW to 200 people and SOUTH AFRICA WILL WIN TOMORROW to the rest.

Now..let say..if SOUTH AFRICA WINS, ur next step should be but obvious again..concentrate on the bumchums whom u have sent letters bearing SOUTH AFRICA WILL WIN TOMORROW. These 200 people would be the ones who recieved two correct predictions from u.

Third match : West Indies v/s Srilanka

Of these 200, send WI WILL WIN TOMORROW to 100 and SRILANKA WILL WIN TOMORROW to the rest.
So now u tell me wht if WI wins..? yeah..u r right..
u got 100 fools left.

Fourth match : Scotland v/s Canada

Remaining fools : 50 :-)

Fifth match : UAE v/s Zimbabwe

Send UAE WILL WIN TOMORROW to 25 of them and ZIMBABWE WILL WIN TOMORROW to the rest 25

do the same..if ZIMBABWE WINS..concentrate on the asses whom u have sent letters which says ZIMBABWE WILL WIN TOMORROW.

Sixth mach : Kenya v/s Bangladesh

Well, here Kenyans are underdogs..So send BANGLADESH WILL WIN TOMORROW to 13 people of those 25 and KENYA WILL WIN TOMORROW to the rest 12.

So if Bangladesh wins,

these 13 people out of 800 (originally) would be the ones who got all the correct predictions.

NOTE : Do write ur phone number at the end of each letter that u despatch everytime.

The real play starts now..

These 13 people are the ones who are completely boggled by ur predictions..u r kinda sure shot match predictors for them.

Post one more letter to them saying that they can avail predictions for the future match series at a minimal cost of $200.

I bet u'll surely get response from atleast 10 of them..:-)

So, 10*200 = $ 2000

$ 2000 per series..wht say..? not bad..

PS: The author is not responsible for any jetty consequences that one might/might not face later on.


Blogger Bhaiyya said...


I thought you were stuck in a writers block....

I just realised.. u ve completely lost it , yet again ;)

prerak parikh said...

lol..! man i know that i've completely lost it but this is wht GO CRAZY world is all about..:)

anything can happen at anytime..:)

BTW idea kaisa tha..? ;)

zen babu said...

Prerak bhai,

idea original nahin hai. it's an old trick game. but it will work, or usually does.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

Abe Ritwik,

Muft ka gyaan kyon de raha hai..

Pure time college meihn purne idea pe naya cover chadha ke hi to apni chaalti thi..

Prerak bhi to vahi kar raha hai.

Blogger Bhaiyya said...

rather, prerak "abhi bhi" to vhai kar raha hai..

prerak said...

purane idea par naya cover..?

purana idea bhi mera hi hota hai..