Thursday, September 13, 2007

The World of Paradoxes

Empty mind is not just devil's workshop but devil's drawing room, devil's bedroom and devil's toilet too.

Prerak Parikh
lazy swine

Oh God..!

What's happening to me these days..? My mind is going weirder and weirder day by's going from bad to worse and from worse to worst.I don't know why but i've started relating everything to paradoxes these days..everything i think, ends up in a paradoxical situation.I know tht sounds bit awkward but i've actually studied some real life paradoxical cases.

lemme start..

Prerak's paradox

I discovered this paradox while chatting with a girl named Nirali Shah on mig33. Lemme tell u how it all happened and how the paradox hit mind..On one fine day, some couple of days ago, while having a regular chat, i asked her what is she doing.She was like she is in a room with her friend and both are chatting with their respective friends on mig33. I was bit boggled at that time..i don't know why but i felt something strange..For a minute or two, i closed my eyes and started analysing the situation..According to her, the situation was, two persons in a room chatting with their respective friends in the outer world on their phones..okay okay..lemme simplify the case..

Let the world population count be X.

The room is THE INNER WORLD ( no communication by any means among the people in the inner world is allowed).

The people with whom the inner world people are chatting with are in THE OUTER WORLD.

Now..for the first case, i mean the case which she told..

The number of people in the inner world = 2 and the number of people in the outer world = X-2

okay lets take a different case..think of a case where there are six people in a room.

This means..

The number of people in the inner world = 6 and the number of people in the outer world = X-6

Think of a case where there are 100 people in a room.


The number of people in the inner world = 100 and the number of people in the outer world = X-100

Now let us integrate the case to its extreme value..just think wht if the whole world (world's population) is in the inner world (in a room)..?

Just think for a while..yeah tht's a PARADOX

A person is not allowed to chat with a person in the inner world and there is no one in the outer world.. wht say..?

Paradox's paradox

couldn't think of a proper name.. :)

This is worst paradox ever studied/thought.

well, i thought of this paradox while shitting..To be honest, more than half of the mind work is done on a pot seat.

Imagine, there are two families.

Family 1 :
A lady named X, her mother Y and her daughter Z.

Family 2:
A man named A, his father B and his son C.

Now tell me wht if X marries A, Y marries B and Z marries C..?

OMFG..see how relations intermingle..

1) A's father B is also his son-in-law.
2) A's son C is also his father-in-law.
3) X's mother Y is also her daughter-in-law.
4) X's daughter Z is also her mother-in-law.
5) A's mother-in-law Y is also his daughter-in-law.
6) A's daughter (actual daughter of X) is also his mother.
7) X's father_in_law B is also her son-in-law.
8) X's son (actual son of A) is also her father.

i know u must be pulling your hair..even i did ;)

Paradox, paradox and paradox all over.

okay okay..don't think much..get back to ur work..

Bye :)


nirali said...

oye prerak!
well done.. you did a good job.. i remember you took ages to explain me your paradoxes. i went crazy that time.. now i finally get your every word..dont know about the others.. hehe.. i simply loved it..and please dont let the devil get out of you ;) yea... lol.. thanks:):)

Ruby said...

Only Prerak can come up with ideas like this!! Keep up the good work and keep writing. ;)

zen babu said...


that's not a paradox. Let me state your conclusion in its proper form of propositional logic (remember dicrete mathematics and AI ? )

"If there is someone in the outer world, I am not allowed to talk to him" or if a then b or a --> b, where

a: there is a person in the outer world

b: I am not allowed to talk to anyone in the outer world

now if you remember the truth table of a --> b, when a is false, the statement a --> b is by definition true. Also, when b is true, the statement a --> b is again by default true (if you remember, a --> b is the same as (a' or b))

to show a paradox, you would have to assume that wither a or b is true, and prove that it is false, or vice-versa.

there is no paradox here.

prerak said...

Well, paradoxes are of so many different kinds..

when u prove 1=2 by random steps, tht's a paradox too.

I always had a doubt in this..i'm not denying anything but will u plz go thru wikipedia for all types of pardadoxes..i want u to explain it then..

Thanx for the above explaination though.

zen babu said...

Umm, no. The proof of 1 = 2 is called a 'fallacy', or a misproof. It is not a paradox. Various so called paradoxes have been shown to be just fallacious proofs, but there do exist unresolved paradoxes.