Thursday, September 13, 2007

Repondez s'il vous plait


Have u ever thought wht would u do after u get a rejection letter from the company u applied to for a job, a week ago..

don't know..? okay okay..u have come to the right place..

i'll give u some sure shot tips that would really help u out..

Just hold the rejection letter in your hand and imagine that RSVP is printed on its bottom right. Arrey..don't think much..i asking u to imagine it.

The next time u get a rejection letter from a hoped-employer, a company or a publisher just reply them with the following:

Dear (name of the employer),

Thank you for your awesomely written letter of rejection dated (date). Despite the fact that the letter was nicely written, it had certain spelling mistakes. I don't understand, how come an employer like you from a well-known & world reputed firm, commit such horrible spelling mistakes. Dude you gotta improve. (Write the lines even if there are no spelling mistakes). After careful consideration, I sincerely regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal. I tried hard but I'm sorry.

You would be shocked to learn that this year I have been consistently & particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of refusals. You wont believe but I actually recieved some 500 rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of candidates, it's impossible for me to accept all the refusals. Despite your company's outstanding qualifications and 50 years of past experience in rejecting job applications, I find that your rejection doesn't meet with my needs presently. You could probaby try later on.

Hence, I will initiate empoyment with your organisation as soon as I am done with my graduation. Please note that I would not tolerate your wrong english once I join your company so better start working on it. And please be well-prepared to face an interview with me after I join. I might ask anything. I look forward to working with you.

All the very best for rejecting future candidates.


(your name).

The author is not responsible for any unpredictable consequences that one might/might not face later on.


zen babu said...

Fuck! You're funny! where was this part of you when u were at ddu....or are you just stealing some online jokes?? ;-)

prerak said...

lol..! well, i don't steal..

PLAGIARISM isn't my cup of tea..Ummm i was always funny..may be u were not able to see this part of mine..