Thursday, November 8, 2007

ISA days

Those days would never ever come back..:(

It would definitely hurt everytime i'll see October(0) in my blog archieve. I sincerely apologise for absolutely no activities in the month of october. All blame and accusations to my laziness.

This post has been uploaded on the special request of my ISA friends.I sincerely dedicate the post to my ISA batchmates.I've tried to compile all the incidents that i could recall of and which would help me and my friends to refresh our ISA memories everytime we go through this post.

Indian School, Al-ain, Abu-Dhabi ( ISA )

My ISA journey started in 2000 when i shifted to UAE in 10th std. Since then i've gathered so many memories tht could hardly be forgotten in my whole life.

10th GRADE

1) Coke Spilling incident :).
Main culprits :- Masood and Nahas.

2) Shakir's attempt to turn a circular into a pornocular ;).

3) Wassem sir's classes at Salem's house.

4) Hindi Classes ( Adnan's and Osman's love-hate relationship ).

11th and 12th GRADE

1) Attempt to sit on principal's and headmaster's chair.

2) "He rotated his underpants".

3) "What kind of doctors and engineers will u become..before opening thepatient, he'll die".

4) Hasan - shirli - allah-rakha.

5) Picnic to SAFA PARK, DUBAI - KFC - Football.

6) Couch Attack on Bhami - smashed, thrashed and crashed by headmaster.

7) "kachra"-"they dont even read the newspapers"-"Manglish"-- Omen sir.

8) Sylesh sir's classes at his place - Bin Ali - Choittram - night stay - Blue streak.

9) Iftaar parties @ Reshad's, Mohsin's, Shabin's, Osman's and Salem's place.

10) Himadri's b'day party - deos - lunch box - potatoes - sex stories.

11) "As early in the morning, as early in the morning, as early in the morning, before the breakfast" - Class song.

12) Dynamic and GenX.

13) Raes in library - truth or dare.

14) Osman - Ayesha - Masood (love traingle ;)).

15) Plans to shut off lights @ 25th Annual function.

16) Cricket match : ISA vs OOEHS where ISA thrashed OOEHS badly.

17) Sport's day.

18) Raes's - bathroom slip.

19) Al-Ain Mall visits.

20) Cricket @ Alwyn's place.

21) Football @ Salem's place.

22) Hassan's farting stories.

23) Bettino's place - pondi.

24) Alwyn's b'day party.

25) My b'day party.

26) Priyaraj's play.

27) Salem's and Raes's dance.

28) Flicking stories..;).


Anonymous said...

hey there!!!although i really dont need to....n dont even know wether i shud comment....but u've jus got one small thing rong i have to rite...its INDIAN SCHOOL AL-AIN and not Abu-Dhabi....:)

prerak said...

for ur very very very kind information..its INDIAN SCHOOL, Al-Ain, Abu Dhabi.

Al=ain is in Abu Dhabi

prerak said...

check this out

Anonymous said...

hey prerak

man u made me nostalgic