Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I said "Sorry !"; She said "Please don't talk to me."
I said "Sorry !" again; She said "Please don't disurb me."
But when I said "Go to Hell !", She said "Hey..! I'm sorry."
Prerak S. Parikh
The Times
August 2007

Hello friends,
Good day..!

I'm here to discuss something about HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY today. HUMAN PSYCHOLOGY refers to a scientific discipline that studies/analyzes mental process and behaviour in humans. Psychology is a science of individual or group behaviour and the word literally means ‘Study of mind’.

Well, lemme take you away from such bookish definitions to some real observations and instances. I’ll cover few points, few illustrations which would give u a sheer picture of human tendency to react to negative/weird stuffs.

1) Imagine a scenario where you are invited in a public function in which some random person is gonna be awarded for his bravery. Now, tell me how many of u would actually go and attend the function..? Tell me what’s the probability of your attending the function..? I’m dead sure it would be less than 50% (survey). You, infact anyone would think what the hell will one do over there..? What say..?

Okay..Now imagine a scenario where you are invited in the same public function and the same person is gonna be beaten hard instead of being awarded. Now tell me what the probability is..?
More than 90% (rather 100%) ? So, this is what I want to explain that a human mind always reacts to a negative impact.

According to my survey, 2 out of 10 people said that they would attend the function where the man was to be awarded whereas rest all said “No” and 9 out of 10 people said that they would attend the function where the man was to be beaten hard whereas just one person said “No”. The picture is clear.

2) You must have noticed that at each and every university/college main gate, there stand dozens of boys/young men, handing out paper pamphlets for advertisement purposes. Some say “Work while you study” whereas others say “Best coaching class in town”. Don’t u think these people are fools..?

I want u to tell me how many of these pamphlets are actually read by the students..? Tell me what percentage do the pamphlets that are read make..?
20% or 30% (survey) right?

So how should one tackle this..? How should one increase the percentage..?

Well, here it is. Think, what if the boys give away the pamphlets after folding them into paper balls..? I’m pretty sure that even the busiest man on the planet would unfold it to check what’s in, out of curiosity.

The percentage could be drastically improved (upto 60%) by such practice. Human psychology plays a vital role here too.

3) I’ve had observed one more thing during my college life. The number of people/friends disturbing u, when u hang DON’T DISTURB placard on ur door handle, are more than the number of friends disturbing u, when u don’t hang it.

So think about it..never ever hang such stuff, if u don’t wanna get disturbed. Human psychology is strange.

4) Do u like random chats with random people..? i mean..yahoo, young times, mig33..? Yes..?
Well, i got some tips then..I usually chat with random people on mig33 and I’ve noticed one thing. Infact, it was a sort of survey to prove my point.

What i did was..I typed ‘Hey, asl..?’ in the chat box and sent it to 10 girls (obviously,i don’t chat with boys in random chat room). To my surprise, i got replies from just 2 girls. I don’t understand why girls don’t reply to genuine people (me ;-)). I waited and waited..still, no more replies..(in vain)

Huh ! What i did then was, I typed ‘Hey Bitch’ and sent it to the same girls..Can u guess what would have had happened then..? i know it’s easy to guess..Can u..? Well, I got 10 replies..yes yes..all the 10 girls replied..

It’s as simple as that. Human psychology, once again.

5) U would be surprised to know that even our memory is related to the psychology. Want to know how..? okay..

I’ll give u a list of items..
i) Man
ii) Bread
iii) Cup
iv) Knife
v) Coin
vi) Clock
vii) Desk
Now can u remember this list..? i know it would be tough to recall I but as I said earlier, Human psychology rules!

I’ll tell u how can it help you..

Try to remember the list in the following way..link each and every item one by one. For example..first link man and bread..think of the weirdest combination between the two..something like man and bread are best friends or man and bread are playing cricket etc. Once done with this, move on to the third item viz. Cup. Now, relate bread with a cup..again in a strange way..something like a cup is made up of bread crumb.etc..etc..Keep on linking items one by one and try to recall it..i’m damn sure that it would flow smoothly..enjoy!

Conclusion : Everything is possible in this weird world, if u think differently.

PS : The author is not at all responsible for any jetty consequences that one might/might not face after reading the article.

Monday, August 13, 2007


You're...My Friend, my companion, through good times and bad..my friend, my buddy, through happy and sad, beside me you stand, beside me you walk, you're there to listen, you're there to talk, with happiness, with smiles, with pain and tears, I know you'll be there, throughout the years!



Well, this post is not at all about going crazy. So apologies to those who expected yet another weird and a crazy one.

Wht the hell..?

It's 4 am right now but i'm still wide awake.My body is forcing me to shut my eyes but my mind says 'NO !'. Stream of thoughts is running all over my cerebrum, cerebellum and medula oblangata.

Won't ask me WHY..?

I'm upset :-(

My best buddy Hemal, is leaving for US tomorow. I'm just reminiscing those golden years that we spent together. I feel as if a projector has been installed at the back of my mind tht's flashing those creamy moments we shared in these four years of our friendship.

Dude..How am i gonna forget all tht..?

I am gonna miss each and everything..

Our hostel room 215, those late night chats (U, chabbu, ritwik, aman and me), exam days, late night snacks and coffee @ hostel canteen, breaking locks every third day, shifting rooms, cricket matches @ tapan's verandah, canal visits, mocha's mint hookahs, TCs' daav vaala hookahs, late night platters, abu..udaipur..shreenathji visits, Uttrayan dhamaal, dance parties, teen patti nights, jasu behen's pizza, woodlands..heritage..Madhuli, all that masti with chhabu..

Man, it would be really tough..

I sincerely apologise that i'm not there these days but cannot help it as u know why..

Thanks for everything, all ur support which u gave me in whatever possible form u could give.

Please forgive me, if i've done anything wrong with u or hurt u (accidently or purposefully).

I wish u all the very best for ur higher studies. Gob bless u for ur future endeavors.

PS : Please add comments and tell him how much r u people gonna miss him.